7 Different Types of Yacht

When it comes to choosing a yacht for your luxury charter vacation, it’s essential to understand the different types of yachts and what each has to offer.

The terminology used in the yachting industry can be overwhelming, but having a basic understanding of the general types of yachts is a good starting point to ensure an ultimate luxury charter vacation.

General Types of Yachts:

  • Sailing Yacht

Sailing yachts are designed for pleasure boating and use sails to support propulsion. They typically have two or more masts with square sails on two or more heads, such as jib and skysail on several masted vessels. This design enables the vessel, if so equipped, to sail efficiently with all sails deployed and in the best condition when the wind is at its source.

types of yachts
  • Motor Yacht

motor yachts are yachts equipped with an engine, allowing them to go almost anywhere, regardless of the direction of the wind.

They are mainly associated with large, luxurious ships. Still, smaller motor yachts are becoming increasingly popular in the Croatian market and are providing significant competition for the more traditional sailboats.

types of yachts
  • Gulet Yacht

Gulet yachts are traditional Turkish yachts inspired by ancient Ottoman coast yachts but have been designed for blue cruises in the last 30 years.

These yachts sail through the beautiful coasts of the Aegean & Mediterranean Regions and have a special design with their engines and canvas for cruising.

Although they have all the comfort of modern life, they still remind us of the ancient time yachts with their high sails, esthetical design, and golden yellow handmade decoration. The unique design of the Gulets brings comfort to it.

types of yachts
  • Cruiser Yacht

Cruiser yachts are conventional yachts of varying sizes meant for passenger pleasure and vacationing. These vessels are permitted for long-distance travel up to moderate depths of the ocean.

They are mainly of displacement type. Luxury yachts often come under this category.

  • Luxury Yacht

Luxury yachts are the ultimate in yachting experiences. They usually come with a swimming pool and an assortment of water “toys” such as scuba gear and jet skis, and they may accommodate as many as 30 or 40 guests and 60 crew members.

types of yachts
  • Sports Yacht

Sports yachts are recreational yachts built for luxury as well as speed. This type of yacht usually features a long, narrow hull and high-powered engines that allow the yacht to move very quickly through the water.

Unlike typical sports yachts, however, the sports yacht often features living quarters or another lounge-type area to accommodate guests. The yacht is likely to be larger than a dedicated sports yacht and usually cannot attain the same high speeds.

types of yachts
  • Catamaran Yacht

the catamaran is a big and very comfortable yacht, and it’s practically the house on the water. It has bathrooms, kitchens with gas stoves, big capacious lockers and refrigerators, cozy big cabins with soft sofas, everything is created for the comfortable rest with friends or a family, and even with children.

Choosing the perfect yacht can be daunting, but owning a yacht is a significant decision. Yachts offer different experiences based on their type and are a valuable investment.

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